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Ceme is a common card game that is now very popular compare to other online gambling games. It's a card game using domino card, and can be played by 2-8 player in one round.

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66ceme is one of the best bandar ceme online in Indonesia, that give a lot of bonus and advantages. Playing ceme 99 in 66ceme you can have a win percentage untul 85%, it's a lot more than the other websites.


The deposit system is not only by a transfer account, we also accept top up, ovo, and other money account. The minimum deposit is only 10 thousand, very cheap and affordable.

Bandar Ceme Online is now the best online gambling card game, it's very easy to play, and also very interesting.

How to play bandar ceme is actually very easy. Even easier than poker. Because, in playing bandar , you don't need to master a variety of special techniques. All you need is intuition or an instinct to play. You must know when to place a maximum bet and when to place a minimum bet. You don't even need to use the technique at all if you are in a bandar position.

In online betting sites, bandar ceme is one of the popular games. Most poker agents must have slipped this game as a complement. However, with all its popularity there are still people who do not understand how to play city dealer. Well for that, in this article we will explain in detail how to play the bandar ceme in full. To make it easier, we recommend registering on the poker agent poker site so you can practice it. If you don't understand how to register, please read how to register poker agents.

Bandar ceme is a form of development or evolution of domino games. Please read the Complete Online How to Play Domino Qiu Qiu Guide. Both the game domino qiu qiu (bandarq) and domino ceme (bandar ceme) both have similarities. For more information, please read the article Bandar Ceme Difference and BandarQ.

In this game, each player and dealer will get two dominoes later. Where the winner is determined by the number of dots (points) of the two cards. In this case, the highest card value is 9. If more than that, only the back number is counted. Suppose you get a card 9 + 5. Then the result is 14. Means your card is worth 4.